Saturday, December 22, 2012

No Christmas Miracle Here

Not that I was really expecting a Christmas miracle, but then again Mary was either, AF showed up bright and early on Friday morning. It was by far the worst cramps in years, to the point of actually getting sick!  DP, so sweetly pointed out that maybe my body needed one more really bad month to get ready for a year of peace! Ok not peace but you know what I mean. Let's hope that is the case.  I start back on birth control tomorrow.  Does it seem weird to anyone else that in order to try and get pregnant we go back on birth control! Yes I know the science behind it but still weird to my mind.  Talked to Walgreens yesterday and they are working on the final price for the first round of meds which should be in next week.  We go back to the doctor on Jan. 8, until then we just have some large checks to write and enjoy Christmas with family. 

"You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it" -Matthew 21:22


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  3. Sorry - On hubs phone and the auto-correct is KILLING my grammar and spelling :-). I had to delete the comments above because the typos were taunting me :-)

    I totally remember thinking, hoping, and praying that the month before we started IVF that we would miraculously get pregnant on our own too. I so badly wanted to be that "cliche" couple that got pregnant just days before starting IVF. And even though I knew it was practically impossible that it would happen that way, I was still hopeful. Sorry you didn't get to be that "cliche" couple either. But, you are on your way. AF showing up just means that you are one step closer to your baby! And that is soooo exciting!


    1. Thanks Kara! I read about you when you were waiting as well and as always it helped me! Merry Christmas and praying for you in the next day or so whe. You test!!!