Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If everything goes as planned...

My first beta will be 2 months from today!!! I know the chances of things going as planned now are very slim but hey a girl can dream!  My nurse gave me all of my dates the other day and I noticed last night that February 19 is suppose to be the first beta. As much I love to plan ahead no one should be able to plan their pregnancy test 2 months in advanced!  That is just insane to me.  All of my meds have been ordered by my nurse and they should be here by Friday!  Oh man that's crazy.

I was inspired yesterday by Kara and Catching Our Rainbow and their inspirational quotes.  In high school and undergrad I kept a quotes books.  It was a journal where I wrote down any quote that I read and related to.  It had silly ones, romantic ones, serious one, and everything in between.  When my little sister started college I gave her my book.  I thought it would be a great thing for her to have while she is away at school.  She is a junior now and she has been adding her own quotes to it for the past two years.  After yesterday I realized that I miss having a quotes book.  So I have started a new one! This one is going to be full of inspirational thoughts, scriptures, and anything else that will help  me get through the IVF process.  I am really looking forward to working on this and keeping it with me.  Thank you ladies for the inspiration!

"God has a reason for allowing things to happen.  We may never understand His wisdom, but we simply have to trust His will." - Psalms 37:5

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  1. Awwww....yay! So glad the scriptures inspired you! And I love the one you added to the bottom of this post. I just may have to add that one to my notecards :-)

    What a great idea about a book filled with inspirational quotes. You definitely need positive thoughts and things to rely on during this process, so that sounds like the perfect thing to start on now! And then, someday, you can give that to your baby. Letting him/her know that the quotes and inspiration found in that book, helped to bring the two of you together :-)

    I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about it. Can't wait for you to get started. I just know God is going to bless your beautiful family through this!