Monday, December 10, 2012

Signed our lives away and final exams

Last week was insane for us. 

I finished my second to last semester of classes ever (not going to count dissertation hours at this point!)!!!!  Talk about a relief this semester has been an emotional roller coaster and I was so relieved to be done with it.  Now just waiting for the grades.

We signed our lives away on Wednesday or at least it feels that way.  We signed all of the forms needed to complete IVF!  It was a really surreal experience. We spent Tuesday night reading the over 30 pages (front and back mind you) of consent forms.  Then of course we had to make some decisions that you never really expect to have to make (what happens to the frozen embryos in case of death, divorce???).  DP wanted to actually sleep on some of the decisions before we signed them, great since I wasn't already anxious enough just add some more anxiety why don't you!  In the end we agreed pretty easily on all the decisions. 

Wednesday morning we made it to the doctor's appointment and signed all the forms with no problem, since we had read them the night before.  Then we met with one of the nurses who is in charge of a clinical trial I am involved in.  About 6 months ago my friend AG, found out about a study going on at UF for women who are trying to convince both naturally and with IVF, they run some tests before conception, and then several times during pregnancy and give you $1800!  I of course signed up immediately for the natural conception group and had all of the pre-test done and was just waiting to get pregnant.  Since that obviously was not the plan I have been moved into the IVF group.  I signed the forms on Wednesday and the nurse says I have good news for you "the IVF groups gets an extra $200!"  Hey we will take anything we can get!

After signing those forms, we met with our IVF nurse/coordinator, let's call her JG.  I love her to death!  I actually work with her husband and have met her several times throughout the years so it great to already have a relationship with her.  She gave us all of the dates for our cycle!! I will post the details later but for now we are waiting for my next cycle due around Christmas.  I will start BC then.  Right now I am shopping around for the best prices on meds.  JG recommended Walgreen's Fertility Program and said they typically have the best prices, but I have to do the research myself just because I am type-A like that!

Next we got to meet with the psychologist.  DP had never been to any kind of counseling and I really didn't know how he would do.  He is really quite and doesn't talk about feeling (says he doesn't have them actually, another story).  The appointment went great though! She said she thought we were really well prepared for what was coming and saw no reason we would  not be great! DP even did a good job of expressing himself and was very much himself (very few concerns and whatever happens is what God has planned etc).

Now we just wait for Christmas!!!! Oh how I love the countdown to Christmas because it means I can start BC and we can keep moving forward!


  1. HOW EXCITING!!!! I can't believe how quickly this is going for you guys! You could be pregnant next month!!! WHOOAAAA! Hopeful that the smooth sailing continues!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I know it seems like things are finally moving quickly for us. Hopefully they will for you too soon.