Friday, September 6, 2013

More personal

One thing I have really been thinking about for a while is being more personal on this blog. For a long time I wanted to stay anonymous. I didn't want my name out there or really any identifying information. This was mainly because I was worried that as people search for me based on my career they would come across this blog. I was worried what they would think about us doing IVF and everything because of how it might impact my career path. But I a, not worried anymore. This is all part of my story and God has called me to share my story to anyone and everyone. Academia can be harsh on women in general without having infertility as a factor. However, I don't want a job under false pretenses. I want to be a professional and I want to have children. And guess what I can and I will have both!!!! I will find a place where the administration is supportive of who I am including the infertility part. 

So let me introduce myself officially to you: my name is Caroline and I am married to the love of my life DeWayne. I am 27 and he is 28 and we live in Florida where I am finishing my PhD at UF and DeWayne is a physical therapist. We love to travel and watch Gator sporting events. We are involved with the youth group at our church and love the time we get to spend with them. 

I will work to be more open with you all as you have all opened your hearts to me during these past few weeks. Thank you all and words cannot express how much you all mean to me. 



  1. Thinking about you friend!!! Glad you are wanting to open up more. I still struggle with that too - letting readers know who I am vs not wanting to make the blog about me, but about Jesus!!! Also, my husband has a high profile job (hints why we had to change the blog over) so I try to keep it from being searched in google as well!

  2. Thanks friend! It is really hard to let people know more about me especially with our jobs, but I am beginning to realize that this is who I am and what I believe and I am not afraid to share it. I want to try and avoid to google search thing as well though. Talk to you soon!