Monday, July 22, 2013

What I know...

There are so many things I want to post.  I have all of these posts written in my head, but putting them on paper (or whatever this is) is harder than writing them in my head. 

This post maybe the hardest for me to write, but it is really the most important post I have ever written.  I want to record what I know about my son. I may not know a ton, but I know so much about my little boy that I want to remember forever.

I know that he looked a lot like his father.  He had blonde hair like me.  He had the longest fingers and toes.  He had the flatest little nose, I think it was like DP's moms (the only thing we can figure).  I know he loved sugar! Anytime I ate anything with sugar my little boy would go nuts.  He would move and kick and I loved it so I would eat sugar just to make him move.  DP told me several times that I shouldn't do it, but I am oh so glad I did.  I loved eating sugar and making him move.  I know he hated to be squished (spelling).  If I was leaning over to paint my toes or anything that gave him less room he hated it! He would start kicking and punching like "mommy please stop I need more room"!  I know that he was a not a morning person just like his mommy.  Any ultrasound in the morning he would not be very active, but if it was afternoon he would be going nuts! He hated to have to his picture taken just like his dad.  He would often hide his face during an ultrasound as if to say no you can't take my picture. His dad hides his face in most pictures as well.  He had a firey personality.  He even flicked off one of the doctors during an ultrasound one day (we laughed really hard that day).  We joked that he liked to push his limits but always responded to discipline.  In the hospital the nurses would joke that he was always trying to push the limits, but when we did something to settle him back down that he would respond.  He hated juice of any kind! Any time I drank juice I would get sick, no matter what! He had the hiccups often.  During our stay at the hospital I was able to listen to him all day every day for almost a week.  He would get the hiccups multiple times a day and it was the cutest sound I have ever heard.  He was so active.  All the doctors and nurses always commented on how active he was especially for how sick he really was.  He was a fighter.  He fought so hard to stay here on earth with us. 

There are so many things that I don't know about him, including his eye color, but instead of focusing on what I don't know and may never know I am choosing to focus on what I do know.  I know oh so much about my little boy and these are all things I will remember for the rest of my life. 


  1. Girl, you are such an inspiration. this is too sweet!! I'm so glad you are documenting this and sharing this! Been thinking about you tons.

  2. You are awe inspiring!

  3. I teared up while reading this. What a lucky little boy to have a mommy like you that remembers and wants to relish in all that you know about him. You are such a strong woman and mother. Jackson is a lucky little boy to get to watch over you and be your guardian angel!