Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monitoring Ultrasound and E2

I had my first monitoring ultrasound this morning.  I have 30 follicles that are all maturing!  The largest was 12.5mm with most of them between 8-12 with the smallest being 6. Everyone seemed really excited about it and how good it was going.  They called this afternoon with my E2 results: 806!  My nurse that was perfect because they want to see it double but not do much more than that.  They are leaving my meds alone for tonight and tomorrow.  I have to back on Saturday morning at 7:30am.  I am pretty excited that everything is going so well.  I am really starting to be bloated today too.  My doctor had me gain weight back in August so I was up about 8 pounds before I started IVF.  Now I am up just over 10! Needless to say my clothes don't fit very well!  Oh well I just going with and trying not to worry about my weight too much right now.  Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. AWESOME!!!! That all sounds great! I'm so glad it's going well so far. I remember feeling like I had a sack of potatoes in my abdomen when I was on 150mg of clomid, I can't even imagine what 30 maturing follicles must feel like! Take care of yourself!