Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A year older and still childless

My birthday was last Friday and I have never been a big birthday person.  Now don't get me wrong I love a present just as much as the next girl!  I just don't need all of the attention of a big party or anything.  I prefer to just hang out with friends.

Last year for my birthday was when we decided to throw out the birth control pills!  So we have officially been of birth control for a year, hindsight we were just wasting money anyways but still.  My birthday last year was full of hope and excitement to finally try and have a baby.  I was looking forward to not being on any medication for the first time in over 11 years! I knew this year could be challenging but I was praying that maybe just maybe I had already paid my dues with the endo and was going to be in the clear for just one thing. So many hopes and dreams a year ago that were just an unrealistic fantasy.

This year was one birthday I was not looking forward to at all!  The idea of turning 27 is horrible to me.  I know a lot of people would say  "27 man I wish I was 27 again!".  I  know 27 really is not that old.  There is a reason I did not want to turn 27.  Both of my parents were 27 when I was born.  My entire life (or as long as I was aware of this) I have wanted to not be as old as my parents were when they had me! I felt like a lot of times my parents were the older parents and my friend's parents were so much younger.  I always wanted to be a young mom, not early 20's young, but earlier than my mom.  Of course now I realize my parents were not the old parents, my friend's parents were just the young parents.  My mother-in-law was 20 when my husband, her first, was born and I am thankful I was not 20 with a child!

I have been struggling with the idea that for years I wanted to be a younger mom than my mom was, but after having my birthday on Friday I figure that will probably not happen.  In reality I am hoping to be 27 and not 28 when first child is born.  So I guess I should get pregnant in the next 3 months for that to happen.  Oh boy that is unlikely!

But at least there are some major advantages to getting old like a new pink Cuisinart stand mixer!!!!

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