Sunday, October 14, 2012

Annual Appointment

With everything else going on I forgot that I had my annual scheduled for Friday oops.  On Thursday night I was really sad that I had to go on Friday morning.  I felt as those it was just a waste a time and that it was not going to help us move forward.  When I told my hubby he was not sympathetic at all (which is pretty common for him).  His response to my being sad about going to the doctor was that I should only be sad if "I had did not have a leg or had cancer".  Such typically response.  I know he is right, but it still makes it hard. 
The appointment went great though!  Dr. W said that the endo does not seem to be much of a factor right now.  He also indicated that the hubby's semen analysis was actually not just low but "extremely low".  I am surprised that this did not bother me more than it did.  He said he felt that would just need to look into IVF for sure.  I think hearing from him instead of the nurse really helped.  He was so positive that he felt IVF would work for us.  I know that most doctors probably say that but I was still glad to hear it.  We had a great conversation and chatted about possible research studies as well!  I know I am a complete PhD dork:-)
We also were able to set the next semen analysis date for Oct. 22 which is really soon!  We have a good friends wedding this weekend and leave on Thursday so the 22nd is very close.  Then we go back on October 31 to get the results and decide on our next step.  I function soooo much better when I have plan and know when the next step is coming.  Even if I don't know what the next step is (IUI or IVF) I do know when we will know something else.  The whole not knowing and just waiting around kills me.  I have come to terms with doing IVF or IUI but am just ready to do something besides wait for each day to pass!

Plus my birthday is this week so might as well have a good week:-) We get to see tons of great friends and spend the weekend together so it is going to be a great week.

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