Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 9: Please just end already!

Don't get me wrong I could not be happier to be pregnant seriously! I have wanted to be pregnant for years and we have worked so hard to get to this stage.  That been said this week has been a rollar coaster. 

On Tuesday I had an appointment with the research team I am participating in.  I don't think I have written about this.  Basically there is a large NIH study where they are looking at differences in women who get pregnant naturally and those who get pregnant through IVF.  You go for 9 visits and they pay you around $2,000.  Pretty sweet deal.  Anyways I went for my 3rd visit on Tuesday and the computers kept crashing, the Echo machine kept turning off etc so it took over an hour longer than it should.  To do the the study you can't eat from after midnight the night before until you finish around noon.  Needless to say I was very hungry and not happy because as a result of them running late I was running late to my first OB nurse appointment!  I got there just a little late and starving!  The nurses appointment went great, but they were not able to get in me for the ultrasound my RE had requested.  Therefore I went to my RE on Wednesday.  I love my RE so I happy go see him again. We found out in the ultrasound that the blood clot was completely gone! Praise God!  The baby is bigger than 2 weeks ago the heartbeat is great.  We were over the moon on Wednesday!  He told me I could go back to work and school with no restrictions. 

Thursday I went to see the Nurse Practioner at the OB.  She was great I really liked her.  She even tried to hear to the heartbeat on the doppler. It was too early she said and we could not hear it.  We still haven't heard to heartbeat, because the ultrasound machine at the RE's office doesn't do sound.  So Thursday was great!

This morning I woke up late, on purpose because we were suppose to go to the Gator baseball game for a friend's little boy's birthday party and then come home and watch the Gators play basketball at 10.  I figured I would not get a nap this afternoon, so I would go to work after lunch and just stay on campus.  Got up went to the bathroom and sorry if TMI I had apparently bleed through my underwear and my pants!  I did not even notice this.  I went to the bathroom and the entire toliet was full of red blood!  Of course I freaked.  This is the first time I have had anywhere near this much blood.  I texted my nurse immediately and she was not in the office today but gave me all of the back lines and said to keep calling until someone answered.  Finally talked to one lady I know well and she went to talk to my doctor.  He said to come in immediately.  DP was at work and I could not get in touch with him.  My mom finally did as I was driving to the office.  He made it before I went back.  I kept praying and thinking this is it we are losing the baby after all of this.  As soon as he started the ultrasound I could see the most amazing sight ever:  the baby's heart beating away!  Prasie God!  The baby is bigger than Wednesday and the heart beat is strong.  DP was there the whole time holding my hand and being amazing.  It was one of those times I could not ask for a better husband!  We are of course not out of the woods yet and I am back on bedrest.  He can't see where the blood is coming from.

All we can do is keep praying and trusting God, which is so much easier said than done!  Please pray for us and our little one.  I never really understood I could love this tiny grape/cherry sized baby so much but I do!  I don't just want a baby anymore I want THIS baby!  I want this to be our take home baby.   I know it may not happen and I keep thinking at least we have 4 frozens, but regardless I want this little one! Please pray God has the same plan I have!

I had planned to update how I was feeling this week etc but this post is plenty long! I will try to do it before Monday and week 10!

Happy Good Friday and Easter!

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  1. How scary! Praying that THIS baby is fine and that all will be well! Hang in there girl!