Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound today!  I was so nervous going this morning and hardly slept last night. I have had so much bleeding the last few weeks that I felt it was 50/50 on having had a miscarriage. Well I have not had a miscarriage! I am still pregnant and our little tater-tot has a heart that is beating away:-) We didn't hear the heartbeat, he actually did not even try to hear it since it is still early.  We could see it beating away and that absolutely amazing!  In addition, we found out the cause of my bleeding.  I have a blood clot in my uterus.  I am not very familiar with what causes blood clots or really many of the details of them. This what I do know: we are not out of the woods yet.  Our doctor indicated that it could go either way.  He said everything looks really good with the exception of the clot.  We go back next Wednesday to see how the clot looks and to see how the baby is growing.  I am not on "bed rest" per se but he told me to rest as much as possible.  I told work I would not be until after next Wednesday's appointment.  I will spend the next week laying on my couch doing school work, as I have plenty to do. 

Regardless, today was first: seeing our baby's heart beat! I loved every minute of it and can't wait til next week. 


  1. Praying for you! Glad baby is doing well! Take it easy and hopefully you'll get an awesome update in a week!

  2. Congratulations! Hopefully the clot will go away. It sounds like what I had in the beginning of my pregnancy. Here's hoping that in a week it will shrink! :)

  3. So excited that you saw the heartbeat! Isn't that the BEST site EVER!!! I will never forget that moment for as long as I live! As for the blood clot, if you remember, I had one of those too. Mine cleared itself up after a few weeks. I will hope nad pray that yours will do the same. You and "tater-tot" are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Can't wait for next Wednesday's update!


  4. Thanks for stopping by! Congrats on your pregnancy and your ultrasound, what a blessing!!!