Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Step

Ok so maybe for people who don't struggle to get pregnant it's not a big step, but for those of us who do struggle it is: we announced on facebook we are going to have a baby!  Is it weird that I now feel like it is a little more real??  People I see everyday know and most of close friends know, so it's not like it was a complete secret still.  I want to say no going back now but haha there was no going back way before this nor do I want to go back! 


  1. That totally makes it feel more real. I remember announcing it on FB and was so scared that I hadn't waited long enough. However, the outpouring of love, positive comments, and prayers that came rolling in, almost made me wish I had announced sooner. It was nice to finally have it out there and feel like a normal pregnant gal for once! Congrats on the announcement!

  2. That is fun, and sort of seems like a rite of passage! Congratualtions on this momentous occasion! : ) Hope all is well with you and baby!