Sunday, April 21, 2013

Still Here

Oh man I can't believe I haven't posted in so long.  I have been writing down what has been going on so here is a quick summary:

  • Week 10: I was so sick during week 10 that I finally had to get zofran.  It worked for several days and allowed me to actually eat something.  We went to NC during the end of this week to see a large group of our friends from college.  It was amazing as it is every year.  During this week DP told our friends, it had become pretty obvious something was up since I was so sick.  I lost weight still this week.
  • Week 11:  This week was rough.  DP's uncle died very unexpectedly and very tragically.  We left as soon as it happened Tuesday and did not come home til Sat night/Sunday morning.  I ate horribly this week and just knew when I got home I would have gained weight, nope lost more!  I was sick some this week but the main two things were extreme exhaustion (the emotions of the week didn't help) and constipation from the zofran (it is not joke!)
  • Week 12 (this week!):  This week has been a roller coaster!  We have had 3 ultrasounds! All three were planned sort of.  Tuesday I had one with the study I am a part of.  Baby looked wonderful Tuesday very active.  Woke up Wednesday morning  covered in blood!  Scary time, but I did not panic since it had happened before.  Called my OB and let her know what had happened. I had an appointment scheduled for Thursday morning and they just changed it to Wednesday which was perfect because DP doesn't work on Wednesday.  Baby looked great again on Wednesday!  Friday we had our NT scan.  The main reason we did this was to look at the clot and see if they can figure out why I keep bleeding.  Well let's just say it did not go as planned.  Baby did not want to corporate and stayed in a ball.  As a result of this they were not able to get good measurements or pictures.  For this reason they could not see the nasal bone (they think they saw it Tuesday it was the same tech and doctor) and the measurement for the NT was a little bigger than they wanted (3.3 they wanted 3.0) and they were a little concerned they could not see the nasal bone Friday.  We opted to do the Maturti21 test since it is a simple blood test to find out for sure.  While it is extremely scary to think about possibly having a baby with Downs we will love the baby regardless and trust God that He has a plan.  If God is willing to trust us with a baby with Downs we will take it as an honor to love His child and care for them.  Personally I am excited for the results because they will tell us if we will have a baby girl or baby boy!  That being said please pray for us this next week or so until we know the results!


  1. Yikes! So much has happened in such a few short weeks. I'm sorry about your husband's uncle, that's terrible. Death is scary no matter what, but when it's unexpected… man, I'm so sorry. And the nausea and bleeding… girl, this is tough stuff. Praying for you and your family in the days ahead!

  2. I've been checking in periodically hoping for an update and was so happy to see one! I still think of you often and am glad to see that everything, even in the midst of all the chaos, is still going well. I am so sorry about the tragic family death, not feeling well, and being concerned about the health of baby. I also had the MaterniT21 test done because down's was a concern (based on blood work) and it was such a long 12 days until those results came in. Longer than the 2ww if you can believe that. I hope and pray that they next couple weeks passes quickly and that phone call brings nothing but great news. And hooray for finding out gender with 100% certainty so soon! I'll keep praying.