Thursday, February 7, 2013

Embryos update

My nurse just called to give me the update on our little embryos. Of the 19 that fertilized normally, all 19 are still growing! 13 of them are 4 cells or larger and the other 6 are less than 4, but still growing.  She said it would be unlikely that all 19 continue to grow, which is the same thing she said yesterday, but that it looks really good. We are going to a 5 day transfer for sure now.  We will hear back tomorrow for another update. 

Now we just have to decide exactly how many to transfer.  We are really leaning towards 1.  Our nurse said that as long as there are some left to freeze then we should only do 1 based on my age and how well things went this time.  We also have ARC so we have already paid for a frozen off of this fresh cycle and another fresh plus frozen.  Of course I don't want to have to do this again but I also want a healthy pregnancy.  Twins doesn't scare me, my mom is a twin so the idea has always been in my head.  I just don't want to take any risk that aren't needed this time around.  DP wants to do just 1, so I think that is what we will do. 

As for the OHSS,  I am really nauseous today.  When I talked to my nurse she said it seems like it might really be a side effect of the meds I am taking for OHSS. I am not that bloated or sore it's just the nausea that makes me nervous. 

Until tomorrow.